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Introducing Socrates: Helping Investors Navigate and Master Cryptocurrency

As interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow rapidly, new investment advisory firm Socrates has launched professionally managed account services for both individual investors and other Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). Specializing in cryptocurrency, Socrates is Florida’s first digital asset advisory firm, providing clients with robust knowledge of the industry, along with individualized, helpful guidance in blockchain, mining, NFTs, tokenomics and other various digital assets. In addition to Florida, Socrates has registration pending in New York and New Jersey.

As knowledgeable cryptocurrency advisors, the team at Socrates offers several competitive advantages. First, unlike many RIAs, Socrates focuses entirely on cryptocurrency, aiming to understand the ins and outs of the digital asset ecosystem as it continually grows and evolves. This also extends to the company’s client relationship strategy, which emphasizes teaching and empowering clients to learn all they can about cryptocurrency investment. Additionally, unlike an ETF, Socrates clients maintain full ownership of their assets.

According to a 2021 survey conducted by bitcoin company NYDIG, 82% of people who work with financial advisors expect them to be a knowledgeable source for bitcoin-related information, but only 21% of clients have brought the topic up. Impressively, 62% of clients state they would switch financial advisors in order to find one that offers advice about bitcoin.

“When the members of our team first began exploring the digital asset realm several years ago, it was evident that the industry was extremely complicated and confusing for many people,” said Mario Socrates, co-founder and chief investment officer at Socrates. “At Socrates, we believe it’s critical for current and potential cryptocurrency investors to have the up-to-date knowledge necessary to make smart financial decisions. Furthermore, while many bigger investment firms wait to see if ETFs become a possibility within the digital asset realm, we’re focused on helping clients gain exposure to digital assets now.”

The Socrates team boasts several years of experience in investment management, technology and business operations. Socrates core values–trust, security and opportunity–are at the heart of all business decisions. To learn more about how to invest in the future with Socrates, visit

About Socrates

With experienced investors at the helm, Socrates operates as a consulting and investment advisory firm focused on the digital assets ecosystem, including blockchain, mining, NFTs, tokenomics and other various digital assets. Unlike large-scale competitors, Socrates focuses on educating clients on how best to navigate the NFT, metaverses and cryptocurrency markets. Socrates is currently registered to operate in Florida, with pending registration in New York and New Jersey. To learn more about how Socrates can help prospective investors enter the emerging digital asset class, visit

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