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Our live learning approach to cryptocurrency education offers you a solid foundation of knowledge to build on so you can feel confident and informed about this emerging asset class and technology.

We've been in it

from the beginning.

Your educator has broad and deep experience in the cryptocurrency industry, having traded and helped others since 2009. Our educators hold various certifications and stay current on the industry through fundamental research and industry analysis.

“Mario explained cryptocurrencies to me in plain speak, which helped me grasp the concept quickly.”

— Paul M.

Socrates Client

“I recommend Socrates to anyone interested in getting started in cryptocurrencies or to get to any next level.”

— Jack S.

Socrates Client

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  • What are clients saying about the Socrates Learn service?
    "I recommend Mario Socrates as a cryptocurrency expert due to his vast knowledge of all matters concerning crypto trading, such as differentiating between the different crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chainlink, to name a few. His unique ability to explain the complex and make it seem simple is one of the many reasons why I recommend Mario Socrates as a crypto currency expert and advisor." — George D. 4/8/21 "Mario was able to explain cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to me in “plain speak” which helped me grasp the concept quickly. His deep understanding and enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency world is infectious and has rubbed off on me as a new student. I was always hesitant and scared to begin investing in Crypto but Mario made it easy by detailing how Bitcoin works, how to purchase it and how to secure it." — Paul M. 4/14/21 "When I first heard about Bitcoin I must admit I was one of the many who scoffed at the idea that there was a currency that couldn’t be touched. I like many had concerns that it couldn’t be traced. Mario took the time to explain to me that it is in fact a currency, and a traceable currency at that, through blockchains. Mario not only understands the ins and outs of cryptocurrency but is able to transfer that knowledge base to people like me who are/were cryptocurrency illiterate." — Christine J. 4/14/21 "Mario’s core knowledge and enthusiasm help to not only educate, but also to motivate. He is able to clearly articulate a soup to nuts approach on the different types of currencies, where to start, how to invest, protecting your investment, as well as identifying new opportunities. I would recommend Mario to anyone interested in getting started in crypto currencies or to get to any next level." — Paul S. 5/5/21
  • What happens in the meeting?
    Education sessions are hosted via web conference and include 45 minutes of content delivered via a presentation with 15 minutes reserved for Q&A. However, the meetings are fairly informal and you are free to ask questions at any time.
  • Who will be teaching me and what is their background?
    Educational meetings will be led by Mario Socrates, a certified bitcoin professional through the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4). Mario’s fascination with the cryptocurrency space began circa 2009 when he first came across an article in a popular financial newspaper reporting on a new digital money called Bitcoin. Since then, Mario began exploring the space to learn more about this new age money and the quest hasn’t stopped since. From there, not only did Mario become knowledgeable about bitcoin but his passion for the space is immeasurable which allows him to keep up with the emerging crypto market. As Mario understands how intimidating entering the cryptocurrency space was for him at first and how it may be for others, his goal is to provide an education on cryptocurrency and a level of comfort of what the space is and how to navigate through it for those interested in entering this space.
  • What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my meeting?
    To cancel or reschedule please find the email sent to you from Calendly (our meeting booking service) and you will find links to complete your cancellation or rebooking. If you are cancelling and would like a refund, please email with your request.

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